Saturday, December 25, 2010

ToyDorks Wishes Happy Holiday!


Please be reminded of our holiday schedule on shipping! Click HERE for more info

Thursday, December 16, 2010

You can still shop for Xmas!

Happy Holidays everyone who is reading this!

This is a reminder that for those who want to sneak in some last minute shopping you can still do it!!! Please visit our link for the dates!

Please note: the dates are only valid for items that are marked INSTOCK - ships 1-3 days.
For those who lives in the westcoast - please note it takes 3-5 days via priority mail and the item that you are ordering that are instock MUST be under 5lbs. Here is a pointer: a 6" figure is approx 1lb. so 4 of those plus packaging is 5 lbs. All single items and plush will arrive to you.

Spread the joy of Collecting!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Last Airbender - Back in stock and lower price

The Last Airbender Movie 3.75 Movie Figures. We restocked Zuko, Sokka, and Aang with Momo at new lower price. Xmas is approaching - are these the items your looking for at a good price?
Take a look on us!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ToyDorks Invoice System - Just got better

As always - our admin tries to keep our site informative for our clients from the back end to the front. We have improved our invoicing system to show to our client when they placed their order a reminder that sometimes are instock and ready to leave, available: ready to leave within a week, and preorders: not yet release products.

Hope this will help our clients who have questions about their orders.

Holiday Reminder - You still have time!

This is a holiday reminder to all our followers - there is still time to shop!
To our friends overseas (UK, Ireland, Australia, France, Italy, Spain) you still have until SUNDAY to order and receive your parcel - the sooner the safer the bet.
To our United States friends from the West Coast - advice: the bigger the box - the longer it takes to get there so please watch out our deadlines. Same thing applies to our BC friends over in the West Coast of the country.

Please refer to the link below for our holiday notices and deadlines:

Side note:  to our fellow geeks/dorks/collectors/fan boys - please drop a line to us when ordering that your ok with late delivery after christmas for any "AVAILABLE" stock that we have on our webpage. It will bring us great relief that we can satisfy your collecting needs without having a deadline.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jakks Pacific - Diamond Pearl Pokemon Mini Plush Available

We here at its not about having the latest items - but its about offering older products again for those who are looking for it still. We pride on providing older runs - here we go again: Pokemon Diamon and Pearl Series 3 Mini Plush
Shellos East Sea, Shellos West Sea, Azelf, Happiny, Sneasel, Zubat, Budew, Munchlax, Uxie, Riolu

Gentle Giant LTD Star Wars Statue Now Available

There are collectible Action Figures which are nice - BUT nothing beats the sculpt of a Gentle Giant LTD Star Wars Statue Collectible.

We are slowly stocking them, and they are all LIMITED.

Here are what we have so far: Jabba The Hutt, Darth MAul and Bloodfin, Luke X-Wing Pilot Animated Maquette both Color and Black/White, Empire Strikes Back Yoda, Han Solo on Tauntaun, Senate Guard Blue, and Animated Maquette Darth Maul