Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diamond Select Toys - Marvel Select Hawkeye Exclusive

Hawkeye stands victorious over a beaten, battered Ultron on this Marvel Select Action Figure featuring a detailed base. As one of the Avengers from the upcoming film, this Hawkeye figure features Marvel Select's standard points of articulation.

Diamond Select Toys - Marvel Select Colossus October 2011

Diamond Select has revealed the first image of their forthcoming Marvel Select figure and this time it’s everyone’s favorite Russian mutant X-Man, Colossus! There’s been some buzz about Colossus being the possible new addition and sure enough he has now been revealed in all his “oversized glory!” Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, Colossus comes in at 8″ in height with Marvel Select’s standard 16 points of articulation. He will come with a Danger Room base which can be combined with those of Gambit and Cyclops to create the ultimate Danger Room diorama. Fans can expect Colossus in October.

Monday, August 29, 2011

LEGO Minifigures Series 5 - Available

We present to you the next series in LEGO Minifgures: Series 5
• Each minifigure comes with its own special accessories, a base plate for display and a collector’s leaflet, which shows the entire collection in detail 
• Each collector’s bag is unmarked, so you will always have a surprise when you buy one. 
Series 5 Includes: 
• A boxer complete with helmet and boxing gloves 
• A cavewoman with orange hair, bone and dark club 
• A Godzilla-style dinosaur 
• A gladiator with helmet, shield and knife 
• Cleopatra style lady with snake, black hair and slinky dress 
• A dwarf with round shield, double headed axe and black hair 
• A member of the Irish Royal Guard with bearskin helmet and gun 
• A clown with short legs, blue hat and a pie ready to shove in someone’s face! 
• An eskimo complete with a fishing rod and fish 
• A lady in a pink fitness suit with a pink stereo machine 
• A gangster with cowboy hat, violin case and gun 
• A snowboarder complete with snowboard 
• A female zoo keeper with chimp and banana 
• A detective with a cap and magnifying glass, a lumber jack with a hatchet and cap 
• A student with a graduation hat and scroll.


Mcfarlane Sports - NHL Series 28 - Packaging

Mcfarlane Sports Pick NHL Series 28 is about to be released in the next few weeks. Here is the final packaged product.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mcfarlane Toys - Halo Reach Summer Release - August 2011

Mcfarlane blessed us with new Deluxe Armor Packs, Vehicles, and 3-Packs.
 3-Packs - Spartan Specter - Active Camo, Partial Painted, Fully Painted. Infection - Human Spartan and Zombie Spartan.
 Deluxe Vehicle Pack: Mongoose with Red Team Scout Spartan, Pilar of Autumn Mongoose with Noble Six.
Armor Pack: Steel Spartan Air Assault (ODST, EVA, CQC), Steel Grenadier (Commando, Scout, EVA), Red Spartan Grenadier (Commando, Scout, EVA), Blue Spartan Air Assault (ODST, EVA, CQC)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mega Bloks - Hello Kitty Now Available

Continuing with the flow of Mega Bloks, LEGO, and Kre-O products - we bring you the availability of Hello Kitty. Grab the Schoolhouse, Flower Shop, and Candy Shop Set of Hello Kitty Mega Bloks now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Disney Lion King Mini Figures Pack - Now Available

Grab one of Disney classic film - The Lion King collectibles now with characters as: Simba, Mufasa, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, Scar, and Young Nala. These are collectibles not to miss out on.

Hasbro Toys - Marvel Universe - October 2011 PREORDER

To be released in October 2011 - 5 New Marvel Universe 3.75" Action Figures by Hasbro
Commander Steve Rogers

Mattel Toys - Batman Legacy Now Available

Introducing Batman Legacy Edition Action Figures from Mattel Toys. Revisiting the Batman Comics lore Mattel brings out the different era of Batman Comics characters.

Modern Age Batman
Silver Age Mr Freeze
Golden Age Joker

NECa Toys - Robocoop

Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop. NECA Toys brings back Alex Murphy's personification of Justice in the future: ROBOCOP

NECA Toys - A Nightmare on Elm Street

Two new Freddy Krueger has arrived from NECA Toys (great sculpt and great details) - One from A Nightmare on Elm Street (the original first movie) and the other from Freddy's Revenge. These are Robert Englund version of Freddy and not the remake in 2010.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mega Bloks - Halo Wars - More Available

We have brought in 8 new MEGA Bloks Halo Wars set
UNSC Rocket Warthog
Covenant Phantom
EVA Last Stand
UNSC Falcon
UNSC Rockethog vs Anti Aircraft Gun
Covenant Wraith
USNC Wolverine
USNC Shortsword Bomber

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kingdom Hearts - Resin Paperweight

New from Monogram - great creators of Justice League and Marvel Paperweights - Kingdom Hearts Resin Paperweight
Donald Duck
King Mickey

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kre-O Transformers Construction set - Now Available

Kre-O Transformers by Hasbro Toys have arrived at ToyDorks.com - now you can build and construct your favorite Autobot and Decepticons with these build LEGO like products from Hasbro.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Transformers 3 Dark Of The Moon - Ultimate Optimus Prime

Over the years, OPTIMUS PRIME has proved himself to be not only a great leader, but also one of the most powerful warriors in the universe. He is trained in the use of almost any weapon, incorporating them into his combat tactics without effort. He is a walking arsenal with unstoppable combat capabilities. The ultimate warrior has arrived! Your electronic Ultimate OPTIMUS PRIME figure is already a force to be reckoned with, but his blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds let his enemies know they're in trouble before he even touches them! Convert your figure's trailer to Omega Combat Armor for his big showdowns and extend the wings, flip the Ultimate Super Cannon into place and extend the energy collection panels. Your fighter's enemies will be shaking in their boots! When the battle is over, convert your warrior into truck vehicle mode so he can roll right into the next adventure. Features blasting battle sounds, glowing weapon lights and launching missile sounds! Includes 2 "AA" batteries. Ages 5 and up.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mega Bloks - Halo Minifigures Now Available

Mega Bloks - Halo Series 1, Halo Series 2 Minifigures and Halo Wars Minifigures Series 1 Now Available

Mcfarlane Toys - Halo Reach Series 4 Basic and Exclusive

Welcome the 4th series of Mcfarlane Toys Halo Reach.
Also arrived are 5 Exclusive figures from the series
Rust Armor Pack
Red Armor Pack
Steel Spartan ODST
Rust Spartan CQC
Team Red Spartan EVA

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mortal Kombat 9 MK9 - SDCC 2011 - Lightning Fury Raiden

Mortal Kombat 9 - SDCC 2011 - Lightning Fury Raiden

Mcfarlane Toys - SDCC 2011 - Halo Platinum Master Chief

Celebrate 10 years of Halo with this Halo 3: Reach Anniversary Edition Action Figure. This 5-inch Master Chief character is fully armored in platinum and articulated at 28 points, and he is armed with an assault rifle and grenades. 

DC Universe SDCC 2011 - Flashpoint Professor Zoom

Tie-in with DC Comics' Summer major event Flashpoint. DC Universe SDCC 2011 - Flashpoint Professor Zoom

Thundercats 2011 Packaging Pictures

Friday marked the return of THUNDERSCATS a new animated cartoon on Cartoon Network. With this comes a new wave of Bandai toys Thundercats figures. Collect Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, Panthero, Mumm-Ra and more!

He-Man - Masters of The Universe - SDCC 2011 Exclusive

MOTU Classic SDCC 2011 - Exclusive Queen Marlena and Cringer 2-Pack

Now Instock and available

Green Lantern SDCC 2011 - Kilowog and Carol Ferris

Mattel Toys - Green Lantern Movie SDCC 2011 Exclusive figures have arrived, first we got Movie Masters Kilowog and Barbie version of Carol Ferris. Do not Miss out!

Monday, August 1, 2011

SDCC 2011 Exclusive Gremlins - Gizmo

From the brand new re-launch of the Gremlins line comes this special edition San Diego Comic-Con Gizmo. Gizmo comes complete with removable sunglasses to protect himself from the bright lights and the California sun along with a special lanyard badge for his Comic-Con attendance and a tote bag that Gizmo can be placed inside to hide from the Gremlins or from the crowds of fanboys and fangirls in San Diego. Gizmo is fully poseable including articulated ears and movable eyes.